Sound and Fury


Lazy // Margot & the Nuclear So and So’s // Sling Shot to Heaven

"you are pure, white light and mint-eyes.
sitting before me in your mismatched socks,
making eating cereal look like art.
dandelions spilling from your fingertips, up the edges of your newspaper.
and i am standing here in the kitchen,
brewing you coffee.
thinking about your anxious soul,
knowing that you will not stay long.
remembering how you told me with bleeding eyes, over chocolate ice-cream cones,
‘you can’t hold onto a handful of water.
you cannot hold onto me.’
and i knew
from the day i met you,
standing impatiently
in line buying groceries,
that you were not the sort of girl to stay long.
you belonged completely and entirely to yourself.
but childlike,
i am still throwing pennies into fountains
wishing that you will stay.
with wide, distressed eyes i am telling you,
i will make you strawberry homemade ice-cream just the way you love it and buy you last minute plane tickets;
if you just stay.
please, please stay."

Abbie Nielsen, A Plea to Her (via passionandcoffeestains)

Harper Lee // Little Green Cars // Absolute Zero